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This portion of Linux Help is dedicated to all the people (past and present) who have helped make the site what it is today. Without their hard work and dedication we would have never made it this far. So on with the show.

Corey, Chris & Johnny, my fellow site admins and my right hand men. Without their help patrolling the forums and their sound advice/expertise I would probably have a head full of grey hair by now. Thanks guys, your help is really appreciated.

We would also like to thank Adam, Andryan, Bart, Diana, Dean, Dustin, Janou, Joe, Jon, Josh, Kent, Luke, Peter, Phil, Ryan, Tarence, Ted and Vince for all their hard work in the past. Wether it was writing a guide or spending 5-10 minutes helping someone on IRC, thanks a bunch!

If you are interested in contributing to the site please contact us for more information. The easiest way you can help out is by replying to questions posted by fellow users in our Help Forums.

As for the specifics, we are currently looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out with the following:

  • Writing Reviews (Software/Hardware/Distributions).
  • Posting various Security Advisories in our Forums.
  • Creating new and improved Guides.

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