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One of the greatest things about Linux (besides being free) is that there is a wealth of information out there if you are willing to take the time and read it. Listed below are the various ways/resources that you can use to obtain information, assistance and hopefully further your understanding of this great operating system.

Distribution Mirrors
Please be sure to use one of the mirror sites below if you plan on downloading a few packages for your favorite Linux distribution. Every time you use a mirror site you help reduce the load/strain on the main ftp/download site. If you don't see a listing for your favorite distribution please contact us and we will gladly add it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The general purpose of a FAQ is to have answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" about a product or service. The FAQ's listed below are hosted off-site so if you do come across a broken link, please let us know!

With over a 4200 users and 18800 posts, our forums is one of the busiest areas of our site. Several questions are asked and replied to daily by the Linux Help admins & your fellow linux users. It is definitely a great resource for those seeking help with a personal touch. You can find our Forums at Please be sure to include as much information as possible when you are posting a question in our forums. This includes your Linux distribution and version numbers, exact error messages and the make and model of any hardware involved with the issue. Thanks and have fun!

Have you ever tried installing an application and couldn't make heads or tails out of the INSTALL or README file? We've all been there that is why there is over 70 personalized guides on our Guides Page. Our guides common issues such as configuring your internet connection, setting up a web server, recompiling your kernel, configuring a firewall and much more. If you've written a guide and would like to contribute it to the site please let us know.

HOWTOs are perfect for those who are looking for indepth and somewhat technical documentation. Many of the HOWTOs come in different formats such as plain text, HTML, PDF and postscript making them convient to read across various systems. The main repository for the 100's if not 1000's of HOWTO's is maintained by The Linux Documentation Project and can be found at You can find our local mirror at which is updated daily.

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are a great way to stay informed and up to date. Many distributions have publically available lists and use them to inform their users of security advisories, upcoming releases and new products and services. We highly encourage you to sign up to the mailing list for your distribution of choice. If none are available for your distribution we would recommend the BugTraq list.

Linux User Groups (LUGS)
Linux Users Groups are groups of Linux users from a certain city/area that gather regularly to discuss Linux issues among other things. To find a Linux User Group in your area, please select your location from the list below. To have your group added to the list please contact us.


Newsgroups can be a valuable place to get information if you can't seem to find what youre looking for on the web, help forums or in an IRC channel. You will need to have some sort of newsreader such as Netscape Messanger installed to visit these groups. Below is a list of the common linux newsgroups and what kind of information you will find in them.

  • comp.os.Linux.advocacy
    A non-moderated newsgroup to discuss the benefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.

  • comp.os.Linux.announce
    A non-moderated newsgroup that is intended for all announcements that are relevant for the Linux community. Relevant topics include new software available for Linux, new documentation, warnings about bugs and security holes and notices about user group meetings.

  • comp.os.Linux.answers
    A moderated newsgroup for posting Linux FAQs, HOW-TOs, READMEs and other documents that answer questions about Linux.

  • comp.os.Linux.hardware
    A non-moderated newsgroup for questions and discussion specific to a particular piece of hardware.

  • comp.os.Linux.networking
    A non-moderated newsgroup for questions and discussion relating to networking or communications including Ethernet boards, serial communications and SLIP.

  • comp.os.Linux.x
    A non-moderated newsgroup for questions and discussion relating to X Windows System, version 11, compatible software (including servers, clients, libraries and fonts) running under Linux.

  • comp.os.Linux.setup
    A non-moderated newsgroup for questions and discussion relating to Linux installation and system administration.

  • comp.os.Linux.misc
    A non-moderated newsgroup for questions and discussion relating to Linux but not covered by a more specific Linux newsgroup.

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