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It was just a few short years ago that the most viable way of obtaining Linux was to order a cdrom from an online store. Now, thanks to the introduction of broadband internet access and cd burners, you can simply log onto any of the sites below, download the latest ISO Image and burn it to a cdrom. It is perfectly legal, 100% free and totally convenient. Isn't open source great? :)

Once you've downloaded an ISO Image you can mount it as a loopback device. This will give you access to the files in the ISO without you having to burn it to a CDROM first. In order to do this you must have loopback compiled into your Linux Kernel. (Most newer distributions will have this enabled by default). For example if you wanted to mount filename.iso to /mnt/iso you would run the following command:   mount -o loop -t iso9660 filename.iso /mnt/iso

Don't see an ISO Image for your favorite Linux Distribution listed below? Happen to come across a dead link? Would like to have a site added/removed from the list below, please contact us.

Disclaimer: Please note that we have not verified the authenticity of the ISO Images / FTP Sites listed below. You are encouraged to check the MD5SUM's of each and every ISO you download. To check the MD5SUM of filename.iso you would type the following in a terminal:  md5sum filename.iso.

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