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Full Version: Sound With Ac97
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Okay, I've got RH Linux 7.3 with an AC97 sound chip. How do I enable sound? At first RH Linux had sound, but on the next boot, there was no sound already. Anyone knows how I can install drivers for sound? (Maybe there are drivers already part of the distribution?)
Depending on your installation, ac97 can be installed in a couple of ways.

First off, if Redhat installed alsa, then you need to ensure that the alsa drivers are loaded. As root, type "lsmod" and see if you see a bunch of modules with the "snd-" prefix. If they're there, then your sound is loaded, maybe your mixer is turned off? or maybe the user trying to play the sounds doesn't have access to the sound device (maybe /dev/dsp , i'm not sure how alsa handles it).

Second, if alsa is not being used, check "lsmod" for "ac97_codec" to see if that's loaded, if not, type "modprobe -v ac97_codec".

A third option that was in older versions of Redhat (i'm not sure if it's still around or not, i don't use redhat anymore) is the "sndconfig" utility. As root, run this in a console window, and see what happens. As well, redhat has sound configuration programs (graphical) in the "Start Here". I'm sorry i can't be any further assistance, but i haven't used Redhat since 6.2.
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