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Full Version: Howto Run Exe File In Linux
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I am new in Linux 8.0 OS. Can anyone show me how to run EXE file in /mnt/floppy auto or any directory. Do I need to install DOS in Linux ? ohmy.gif
Someone else may have a more detailed answer, but I do know that you need to navigate to a the directory your file is in, and put a ./ in front of the file you want to run. Although I don't think Linux uses EXE files.

I think Linux comes with Wine (maybe not all Linux distributions). Wine is an emulation program designed to run EXE files (Linux gurus, correct me if I'm wrong). You can run EXE files with Wine, but be aware that it's not perfect. It's not Windows, so you might not see it work the way it should. But yeah, it will work. I've tried it.
Using a windows program on linux is like trying to take a pan out of the oven with your bare hands, chances are, you'll get burned.

While WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator) is a wonderful piece of software that a lot of people have spent the last 10 years working on, it's not perfect. In fact, after 10 years, it's still considered ALPHA. Never rely on WINE to run windows programs. My suggestion would be, whatever program you have on the floppy that you would like to run, check to see if there is a program that's equal in linux. You'd be surprised how much software from windows has a similar counterpart in linux. Do a search on or . If you're going to be using linux, you better get used to using Linux programs because unless the Windows program's author decides to release the source code, and makes it cross-platform, there's not much chance it will work.

Please note, this is not a problem or issue with Linux. Try running a Mac OSX program in windows or linux, it won't work. It's like speaking english to a toad.
Thank to all of you.

I am exploring mtools.conf from below website, if you like to help community to improve Linux:

I will try existing Wine or Linux 6.0 which has DOS emulator.
mtools utility does not run exe programs. It is just a utility to manipulate DOS files.

dosemu is a DOS emulator. You still need some kind of DOS like MS-DOS. FREEDOS is probably included in the version of dosemu you are refering to. However, it will not run windows applications.

Besides wine there is vmware and cgywin that will run windows applications.

Thank you for helps.

I found DOS in Linux Redhat 6.0: dosemu-0.99.10-4.i386.rpm and dosemu-freedos-0.99.10-4.i386.rpm, they said we are having these 2 files at SUSE.

I think the newer version Linux 8.0 don't have DOS or can't run EXE file in Nautilus, because they wanted us to open our sources codes ?!

Can you advise the newbies: Who is the best ISP for internet hookup with Linux ? Do somes ads if you like ?!
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