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Full Version: Redhat -- Connections Problems
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I just installed RedHat 9.0, and am having a problem staying connected with Telnet for more that a few seconds. When I get connected I have full access and can tool around for some time, then all of a sudden I get booted "connection lost to host" is all I get. When I try to re-connect I get the message "could not open connection to host, on port 23: Connection Failed".

I have not been able to figure out what the problem is. I Moved the PC to another switch, with different network cables and still got the same problem. Then I changed the NIC card and it was the same thing.

has anyone ever had anything like this happen?
i have not experienced such a problem...but i would recommend using ssh instead of telnet for
security reasons.
I may have figured out the problem!! I will need a few good hours to test, but I think the problem was an IP-conflict with a windows 3.11 machine! It was so weird, it seems that both computes we binding to the same IP address and getting some functionality with intermittent problems.

Im so glad it was a physical problem and not a linux thing!
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