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Full Version: Network issues in Linux
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I have a very odd networking issue I haven't been able to solve.

Networking Information:

Cable Modem: DCM-425
Wireless Router: D-Link DGL-4500
Wired Interface: Realtek RTL8111E chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)
Wireless Interface: TP-LINK TL-WN951N

Both the wireless and wired connections are active.

Computer Information:

CPU: i5-2500K ( Not Over-clocked well this issue exists )
Motherboard: GA-P67A-UD4-B3
Graphics: 2 x 5830 in Xfire Configuration
Sound Card: Creative XFi-Titanium
Power: 80+ Gold 750W PSU
Case: 500D Corsair
Hard Drives:
SSD1: Vertex 1: OCZ - Main Linux Drive
SSD2: Vertex 2: OCZ - Main Windows Drive
HDD1: 1.0 TB Western Black - Storage Drive 1
HDD2: 1.0 TB Seagate - Storage Drive 2
HDD3: 1.0 TB Western Black - Storage Drive 3

Distributions that I've tested

1) Gentoo
2) Ubuntu
3) Arch Linux

The Issue:

It seems that my cards are dropping from the router randomly and losing there address.

Every so often I'll be in Firefox and the page will time out and then all the tabs time out. Last night I was playing around in the terminal and I was doing a terminal apt-get and I noticed that it just had halted for what I thought was no reason. I opened up a new terminal window and did an ifconfig and the interfaces had lost there DHCP lease.

Now it's a little hard to know where the issue is happening as it seems that the router is willing to reassign the lease back to the network interface after a short time < 1 minute, I can also tell dhcpcd to give me the address back.

I've noticed this problem the entire time I've been with this router, Windows doesn't seem have any issue with the router. I have the router configured in a basic mode with no fancy settings enabled or ports open etc...

I've had the same computer setup on an old network and never had any of these issues. I've tried to trouble shoot this and got no where, I'm really lost on what to try next.

Has anyone ran into similar problems? Does any one have an idea on what to try next?

Anyone have an idea?
Interesting problem but I haven't got a clue.
Does this happen on both wired and wireless?
Yep on both wireless and wired. The odd issue is that it happens across several different distributions. I've gone as fas to grab the manufacturers Linux driver for the network card's and install it but it doesn't fix the issue. So I guess what I'm down to is figuring out if it's the Router the DGL-4500 or the Modem the DCM425 which is causing the issue. I've tied to Google DCM-425 Linux Issues and DGL-4500 Linux Issues and I don't find anything.

Another weird fact is that it doesn't seem to effect my server which is running a completely different Motherboard / CPU / Networking Card then my desktop, My server is a Core 2 Duo with a Gigabyte P55 board and onboard NIC, it run Gentoo and Ubuntu. Windows is also unaffected on my desktop.
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