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Full Version: OpenSuse newbe installation question
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I am installing OpenSUSE 11.4. The system I have had an older version of OpenSUSE on it, but then I installed Windows in one of the partions. The partions look like this at installion:
Name Size F Type FSType Mount
sda1 22.01GB HPFS/NTFS NTFS /windows/c
sda2 210.88 Extended
sda5 20 F Linux native EXT4 /
sda6 20 Linux native EXT3
sda7 170.87 Linux native Ext3 /home

My question is that I don't appear to be using sda2 for Linux and sda6 may be wasted. Is that true and if so, how can I fix it. I want to keep Windows on the machine.

A second question: When going through the install, the loader says that it will erase all partitions. Will it erase the windows partion? That I do not want. While I will be using Linux as my main OS, I still need Windows.
Nothing to worry about. In a nutshell an extended partition is a container for logical partitions. It allows one to create more then 4 partitions on a MBR based partition disk. Any partition greater then 4 is a logical partition and is part of the extended partition.

If the installer says it will erase all partitions then it will including windows.

It appears that sda6 is not assigned a mount point and therefore not being used. You can mount sta6 for use as another data partition. What would you like to do with the unused space?
So, the installer will actually erase the Windows partition? That's not what I want. I'd like to keep that partion. The rest are from the earlier version of OpenSUSE and can be erased.

I'd like to assign the unused space to Linux so I can use it for user(s)'s data.
I have not played with SuSE in a long time so I am unfamiliar with the installer. There should be more the one option. Typically there is use existing unallocated space use existing linux partitions or a manual/advanced option where you can create or select the desired partitions.
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