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Full Version: Problems After New Installation
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Hi! I'm brand new to Linux although I'm familiar with UNIX commands from various courses I've taken. Because SuSE's free support only covers the installation, I thought I'd try some free help from you guys first laugh.gif Anyway, I bought and installed SuSE Linux yesterday and so far I've run into the following problems:
(1)No sound, (2)Cannot access BIOS, (3)Intermittent lockup with 3d accelerated programs, (4)Cannot detect monitor.

I'm sorry if these seem vague but I'm new to Linux and a lot of the console commands are overwhelming! Well, SuSE detects the audio card fine and dandy, the speakers are plugged in and turned on (!), and the CD is being read properly. XMMS can detect the CDs and can download track information from CDDB, but when I press play no sound is produced blink.gif Regarding the BIOS, I had to override the option to boot from the HD so that Windows XP wouldn't override the installation and so I set it to boot from the CD only. Now, when I try to boot my computer, I need the SuSE installation CD in the drive. I don't know what I'm going to do if my CDROM drive fails! I know that when you choose 'enable 3d acceleration' it says to do so at your own risk, so it's not that big of a deal. However, I would like SuSE to detect my Viewsonic LCD VX800 (yeah, I know, I'm spoiled tongue.gif ). Hmm...that's all I can remember that's buggy at the moment. But thanks for your help, or even if you don't wanna help me, thanks for reading!
For xmms, look in the options/preferences. You may have chosen an incorrect output. eSound or OSS is the preferred choice. That is if the sound just fails with xmms.

For the boot, you should have had the choice of installing a boot loader (GRUB, LILO). These should be able to handle choosing between various partitions to boot from. As to how to install the GRUB or LILO after having installed various partitions, I suggest you check suse or do a search.

I have no idea about the monitor. I doubt that any OS save windows would be able to autodetect the lcd. You'll just have to alter /etc/X11/XF86Config by yourself if your having problems.

Hope this helps
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