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Full Version: Linux 7.3 Server
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as a newbie, i installed redhat linux on a dell dimension xps d233 (converted to 500 celeron processor). However, I installed the monitor and the gnome gui desktop because I had no idea of commands.

Currently, the machine is a samba server for 2 windows nt machines, 1 windows xp, 1 windows 98 and 1 mac os x. I also have a photo printer connected to redhat computer and all computers are able to print photos from it.

I would like to get rid of monitor, keyboard and mouse if possible and just have the box and printer. Is there a procedure to do this or do i just shut down and disconnect previous mentioned items and then turn server back on?

Also, is there a simple way to connect from windows xp to linux and be able to control it thru gnome?

Well there is one way..

In our college we access linux through windows 2000 and XP machine using
EXCEED(but that is not free,but is free for trial).
there is a vncserver that possibly gets installed when you install mandrake....if not look for the following
on one of you install cds...the name of the program is called


then once you install that...there are a few settings you have to configure...

the go to this link to download the vnc viewer that you need to install
on your windows machines

vnc viewer download page

its pretty easy to use
Check the motherboard BIOS setup to verify POST doesn't halt on any error.

Always turn off power before disconnecting a PS/2 keyboard or mouse. It doesn't matter with USB stuff.

thanks for your help...

i just decided to dive in and I unplugged keyboard, mouse and monitor while it was still on...

so far so good...

i didn't realize how GREAT webmin was. I could do pretty much everything except 2 things...

how do you turn off the screen saver? or does it even matter now that I have the monitor unplugged...

also, i have an epson 870 photo printer plugged into the computer's usb...I installed via the redhat 7.3 gui printer configuration and it is installed as
epson_photo /dev/usb/lp0 gimp print ( i think)

each time i restart the computer, i have to go into the gnome printer-config-gui and hit APPLY (restart) in order for the printer to work again...

however, I have not been able to find how to do it from the command line

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