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Full Version: Help Uninstalling Red Hat 9
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I need help uninstalling Red Hat 9. I have a dual boot system, XP Pro and Red Hat 9. I currently use the Grub boot manager provided by Red Hat.

How can I uninstall Red Hat 9? I dont just want to format over the linux partition b/c the boot record will be screwed up...what can I do?

thanks in advance.

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if u want to save the mbr then i will suggest use windows cd in rescue mode to remove grub and and use windows driver.

or else what u wanted to do with that linux partition.if u want to install something over there then formatting the linux partition will not remove the grub from mbr.
Boot the XP rescue CD. Use fixmbr to write over grub. Then use whatever tools you want to reformat the linux partitions.
So I can just boot up my PC with my windows installation disk and go from there?

Thanks again
well i think merely formatting the linux partition will not remove the grub from the mbr.

infact i had done this once when i formatted the partition containing redhat-7.3 and then still i was ale to use grub and after some time installed redhat-8.0.

so what u say, michaelk is it necessary to remove grub??????
The NT bootloader does NOT reside in MBR. I know that for a fact. I have a very tiny bootloader on MBR. I have my NT bootloader intact. I multi-boot 98, 2K, 2K3, and 2x Linux.

What's in there is what Windows writes to it. Probably a pointer to the NT bootloader.

You should format the Linux parition and turn it to FAT32. Then fixmbr & fixboot with XP CD.
Ok, so I should format the partition that has Linux on it...then reinstall XP to fix MBR?

thanks again!

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