So i spoke with michealk before for how to get a login/password.. I have successfully done so thanks to him.

So my problem start here... once i got the login and password everything was great when i booted up linux i was promted to enter my password before i could access the desktop.

I became busy with life and had no time to use the laptop since then. So i finally goto use it tonight because my pc was in use, i turn it on and it goes straight to the desktop.. but it's a blue background and none of my desktop stuff shows up.. it does not ask for my password at all.. and the only icons that show up at the bottom are the battery modes (power saver, high performance etc icon), the updates icon eventually loads and appears.. "SOS" the smiley icon.. never clicked it to know what it does.. and the red icon for resetting logging out etc.

So if i click on any of these icons.. NOTHING at all loads, my curser just stays with an hourglass the whole time as if something is trying to load..

I have no clue what is wrong with my laptop what so ever.. hoping someone else knows.. hope you can help =).

I believe we determined that my laptop runs of xandros which is based on debian(my last topic which michealk) if that helps anyone understand my problem..?