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Full Version: Computer Won't Shut Off
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Just installed Mandrake 9.1 and all the updates. Mandrake won't shutdown the computer like it's supposed to. I also have installed Win2K on a different hard drive. Each install was done with only 1 hard drive installed in the machine at a time. Win2K shuts the machine down normally, but not Mandrake.

The computer is:
Epox EP-8RDA+ with the nforce2 chipset
AMD Athalon XP2500+
120 Gb hard drive
MSI G4Ti4200-TD8X video
3-Com 3C905TX nic (can't get MDK9.1 to recognise the on-board nic - RTL8201

I was not able to do an graphical install (would hang after the first stage), so I did the text version that went through ok. Had the same problem with an MSI KT4 Ultra-SR mother board and the same hardware as above.

I'd love to be able to find out what the problem is sad.gif
What command are you issuing to shut down the computer?

shutdown -h now

usually works fine for me.
I've tried shutting down through the KDE shutdown procedure and also using the 'shutdown -h now' command - same result - when the screen shows 'power down', nothing happens. It just waits until I press the power switch. As noted earlier, this function works under Win2K, so I'm assuming that the CMOS is set up correctly.
Does your kernel have APM Bios support built in? This is the driver that allows such a thing. If you are running a stock Mandrake kernel, it probably does have this built in. If you are sure that you do have it built in, it might be that your missing a line in your init 0 or 6 file. Init 0 is the shutdown script, and 6 is the restart script. I wouldn't know how to go about doing it, but you might go web crawling for stuff about those. Hope this helps,

Do you happen to know what directory this script resides?
This seems to point me in maybe the right direction. Thanks.
modprobe apm
shutdown -h now
Ok, here's where I am.... Am running the stock Mandrake 9.1 kernel, able to shutdown with the command line 'shutdown -h now' command. Did edit Lilo.conf for noapic (Lilo does show the 1024M RAM), no help; bios does support this (new motherboard, and works with w2k); still trying .......
unplug the bastard biggrin.gif
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