I am a fairly (compared to you guys) literate Windows user of many years. I purchased a little A110-AB Acer Netbook which came with Linux. But I am struggling with everything which in Windows, was a "WORD" document, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. I cant even find the recycle bin. I can't understand how to use what was the FILE MANAGER. Small things drive me nuts, like how do I change the format of the DATE? I mean I can't work with (USA) MM/DD/YYYY. I prefer to work with (UK) DD/MM/YYYY. I realise I can change it WITHIN, say, the spreadsheet but how do I set it as a DEFAULT?

Is there anyone out there who is prepared too take on an Old Lady who will answer, what seem to be "obvious" (idiot) questions, as frequent intervals, who wishes she had bought the Acer WITH Windows? PLEASE!