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Full Version: dhcp server wont start
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Hello everyone. I am trying to setup a firewall gateway for my home network. I am running CentOs 5, and have setup iptables. The problem however, lies in setting up dhcpd. I seem to do everything correct, but whenever
I type "service dhcpd restart" I get "Failed". Here is my config file.

ddns-update-style none; # keep it simple for now
ignore client-updates;  # here too
DHCPARGS=eth1;          # tells it what interface to listen on
subnet netmask {
# --- default gateway
       option routers        ;   # gateway on your eth1 internal interface
       option subnet-mask    ; # subnet mask
       option domain-name              "" # domain name given to client
       option domain-name-servers; # the IP of your ISP's nameservers you're using
       option time-offset              -18000;        # Eastern Standard Time - set to what you have
       range;             # the range of IP's your clients will get
       default-lease-time 21600;                      # how long the client's will keep the same IP
       max-lease-time 43200;


Thank you
First check the log files.
As far as I know DHCPARGS=eth1 is not a valid statement for dhcpd.conf. You add it to the /etc/sysconfig/dhcpd file.
And DHCPDARGS=eth1 is the correct syntax.
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