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Full Version: I Need Help Badly, Plz
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ok, first off i cant get the kmd, or any other desktops to work only the ice 1. i dont no why, but when ever i try 1 of the other 1s it just seems to start, but then it just goes to a blank desktop, with a busy cursur, and sits there for ever, and the hd seems to be doing stuff but it just hangs, and for your info it has never worked i just installed it. and the other problum when im in the ice desktop setting i cant find a "My Computer" , or wut ever it iz called in linux. lol, i heard u need 2 do it in terminal, but that didnt work, so plz help. and also how 2 get started on running a linux dedicated server for counter-strike. and im running Mandrake linuke 9.1
got an amd k6 2 350 mhz w/ 3d now and mmx u no all dat crap, and 64 megs of ram, shityist vid card ever like 4 or mybe 8 megs. (its a scrap computer) i jus got iinux and needed a extra comuter to run a server so i threw this peace together. plz help me

without any error messages etc its going to be hard to figure out whats wrong...
yes, i no that is my main problum, i dont even no why because there are no error messages at all, im just goin 2 reinstall it and if it doesent work then i wil have 2 install fuckin windows. mad.gif
ok, i fixed it laugh.gif
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