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I've attempted to start the setup up the "Corporate" 'nix Faxserver ( http://www.linuxhelp.ca/forums/index.php?a...T&f=3&t=846&hl= ) and I've come across two 'snags'. I'm hoping someone here can reassure me that I'm doing things correctly and offer a bit of guidance.

I've installed Slackware 9 and setup up the networking parameters using netconfig.

ifconfig's output seems a bit cryptic for a networking newbie such as myself, but between that and pinging our nameserver I the network card and whatnot are all correctly configured and functioning correctly... but "lynx www.acmgfcu.org" returns with host not found.

My question on this point is something really not configured properly, or could it be because the gateway and dns are running on a Windows NT 4 machine?

I do have the results of ifconfig and the ping tests (I did ifconfig > /debug/ifconfig_results and ping -c 5 nn.n.nnn.nn > /debug/ping_results) but I'm not posting them right now. If they'd be necessary to see I can post them later.

The second snag has to do with compiling samba. Because I want to integrate the box as a faxserver into an existing NT network I'm assuming I need a way to communicate with it (possibly the solution to my first problem?)

Here's what I've done/gotten:
# mkdir /src
# mount /dev/hdd /mnt
# cp -R /mnt/* /src
# umount /mnt
# cd /src/source
# ./configure --prefix="/samba"

:bad interpreter :no such file or directory

sigh. I did a quick "vi configure" and the shebang line reads: #! /bin/sh

I did the ubiqutous "whereis sh" but no results. A bit of research on the internet leads me to believe that I need to have ash installed (which I don't think I did). I went back to the Slackware 9 CD and installed it.

I was hoping once ash was installed and functioning that would solve that problem... but it was a no go. I did check, ash was properly installed in /bin/ash and /bin is listed in my $PATH.

Any ideas? unsure.gif