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Full Version: Upgrading Red Hat Linux
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This is not well known but there is a simple way to upgrade your version of Red Hat Linux.

If you have a high speed connection to the net and are signed up for red hat network/up2date (demo accounts will work)
you can simply download the redhat-release package from the distribution you want to update and install it.

Once you install the latest redhat-release package, run up2date -p (which will update your package listings) and then run up2date -u (this will take an hour or so depending on how many packages you have installed).

When you run up2date -u it thinks you have the latest release (I went from 8.0 to 9) but have out of date packages and proceeds to download all the updates and install them for you.

Now, if you have done extensive modifiying to config files etc, it will not install the new configs but rather place them in the appropriate place and call them (example:) lynx.cfg.rpmnew and then you'll have to make the changes and move it to lynx.cfg.

Since I didn't have 9.0 cds and the net install totally sucks ass, I installed 8.0 and then did the steps above to upgrade to 9. It went great except for 2-3 config files that I had to manually reconfigure.

Anyhow, try this at your own risk. It worked well for me on a base install.
Very Very Interesting....
Yah, I'm not sure how well this works if you have a lot of stuff installed/configured but off a base install it works quite well.

I guess RH doesn't want people to know about this so they will fork over cash for the release or spend time downloading ISO's.
that would definitely cut down on tryin to find mirrors to download from....but i havent been complaining..
since i got my dsl to download any ISO lately

apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Oh the wonderful world of debian
i have tried debian..but never could get past the install...couldnt ever understand it worth a damn....
i mean i did get it to install but was somewhat lost....i think i need to try it again sometime
I tried this type of upgrade....I didnt like it just by looking
at the messages returned from updating the system
with up2date...

a few were, that things were compiled against an older version...etc
i just didnt like it..some things were able to be copied or overwritten..
something like that...

it might do this during an actual upgrade when using disks that we just
cant see...if so...its a wonderful idea...if not i dont like it....yet if it does say these all for it..

of course i probably dont make a bit of damn since but i figured
i would see actually for myself how it would work...and i dont like it
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