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Full Version: Hey! Newbie here!
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SO im totally technical anything illiterate (!) and got my acer aspire one just before xmas

there are a few things i need help with please:
* where can i get free virus protection?
* can i install itunes?
* for some reason my msn is playing up sometimes the camera works smetimes not and it takes aaaages to log in buy only on my yahoo & hotmail logins??? so how do i get msn for linux?

any help VERY gratefully received before i throw it out the window

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Have you tried googling?

Windows programs can not run directly under linux. There is a API called wine that will allow some window apps to run and it appears that itunes does.
There are some native ipod applications like gtkpod that can do the basic functions of syncing etc but is not a full replacement.

With an update and secure system running an antivirus is not as critical as windows but it depends on how you use the computer. Check out clamv, f-prot,avg and rootkit hunter.

There are MSN equiv like amsn and pidgin. I do not use either so I can not be of any real help in this area.
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