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Full Version: Repairing second partition
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Hi, my name is Jordan and recently I have been attempting to switch over to Linux. I enjoy it very much and for my field it is necessary to know Linux anyway, so i have set my machine to dual-boot Windows Vista and Scientific Linux (Similar to RedHat). Recently I was trying to get the new version of Daemon tools for Windows, and upon installing it I got an error, and it rebooted my machine, only to leave me with a failed Windows start. I can run my Linux partition just fine, and i can even mount my Windows partition using NTFS3g. The failed attempt error says it encounters an error reading the boot files, and I was wondering if, since i know which program caused the error, it would be possible to fix this. Any help would be appreciated, since I am still new to Linux and this will effectively screw my computer if I can't fix it. Thanks a ton!

EDIT: After digging for more time, I found some problems relating to this on the Daemon Tools forums. However the solutions don't work for me. One possible problem is something called SPTD, which needs to be disabled through regedit. So i either need to figure out how to boot Vista in safe mode 9may not be possible, spamming F8 doesn't do it) Or I need to figure out how to edit the registry some other way from Linux...ugh.
Not familiar with Daemon tools but since you can already mount the windows partition you can edit the registry. Googling will find additional help.,1697,1918485,00.asp
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