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Full Version: Need Help With Ifconfig.
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I am setting up a micro pic server with these commands. slattach -h -n -l -s 19200 /dev/ttyS0 then i use the command ifconfig sl0 up, the response from the computer is
SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such device
SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such device
SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such device
Can someone please tell me whats going on? I am a devout windows user, but if i get this project running i will convert. Thanks for any help in advance.
PS:This is for my senior project so please help!
I won't try to convert anyone. It is your choice.

I'll try to answer your question.

First off, what distro and did you compile the kernel yourself? It looks the module/driver wasn't compiled or the NIC is not present. I assume it works on Windows.
Suse Linux 8.1 - my com ports do work in windows. Ive tried this with three versions of linux and they all end up the same. I had bsd 4.2 and one other. They all returned that error. Ive installed one of those, but i had so called linux experts install the other two. Im freaking out cause this is do in a week and i have to get it running. I think i found one error though, my slattach -h -l -n -s, should have been slattach -h -L -n -s, there are two l's the caps one is for a 3 line serial which i am running the lower case is for some other protocol.The ifconfig is what seems to give me the errors. WHen i do an ifconfig it shows the eth0 and lo, but doesnt show the serail unless i do an ifconfig -a. No clue why? However it does let me do ifconfig sl0. Strange i know. Well any help is much appreciated.
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