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Full Version: Rawrite Frustration!
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or maybe it's windows fault, who knows.

At any rate, I've learned to really hate rawrite now, due to the fact it hardly EVER creates a bootdisk image. I have the syntax right, I have the paths right, everything is perfect, but when it finishes imaging (and it geniunely looks like its working) the disk is still empty! Now somehow, a few times (2 out of 100 or more tries it seems) rawrite creates a boot disk, and it works. Now I have to image another disk (drivers) and I'm running out of time waiting for this retarded app. Every time it fails it kills the disk and windows wants to format it again before I can image it again.


any help is much appreciated, I'd really like an alternative solution (like extracting the img file and just manually copying it to the disk) because the floppy drive has proven time and time again that it CAN write and read normally, it just doesn't like Rawrite one damn bit.
How do you know that the disk is empty? are you rebooting the machine with it in and it's not working?

Windows cant read the linux filesystem so if all you're doing is checking the disk after you make it, it wont show anything. try rebooting.
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