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Full Version: NFS mount - permission denied
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Hi, i have debian etch running on one machine (.02), FEdora 9 on the server (.01) and fedora 10 (.250) on a second client.

Now I wont to mount a directory from .02 on .250. I put

/gb xx.xx.xx.2(rw) on the .250 machine, in the esports file, and

xx.xx.xx.250:/gb /mnt/gb nfs noauto, user 0 0 in the fstab file of the .02 machine.

It mounts, but says "cannot enter the folder", and this nor as the same user that own the remote gb folder, nor as root!

Now I found already that while fedora uses 500 up ID's for users (Same in server and second client), debian uses 1000 up id's. This gave me a problme when i mounted a server
folder on machine .02, which I did not succeed in fixing (I set a+r on the remote folder to reat, it's only a repository). But it mounted well and noe can be read.
Here the problem seams different.
Sombody can help?

acutally it mounts, but with the owner / group set to 500 and not to the name of the user. It is the number under which the user is registered on the second machine. So maybe the user cannot enter, but why does it not allow it to root????

and by the way, is there a way to fix the translation problem, telling for example the machine which numer to recognize for the mounting user?


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