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Full Version: From Windows XP to Linux?
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Hi all...

Im gonna start by saying that you guys have a great forum. I just hope that you can help me.

Ok its like this, i got a laptop from a friend that needs help. Laptop is a ASUS Eee PC 900 (its small and pretty cool). Anyway my friend gave his friend this laptop ( long story). And that dude installed Windows XP over the standard Linux that laptop had. Now with this crappy XP laptop lags, take some time to load. Pretty shitty. Anyway i don't have any experience with Linux. Now i need to boot somehow Linux from my USB memory (because this laptop doesn't have CD-ROM) and install Linux back! . I tried couple of time to boot, but i didn't go well. So im asking if someone can help me with this problem?. I have 4GB USB stick. Plus i have the recovery CD with a software that converts files and puts them on my USB, but when i try to boot, it doesn't work. And yes USB stick is set to first boot in BIOS.

I was on this site..

And done pretty much all of that, i didnt undstend so much ether. Anyway like i said i don't have any experience with Linux. So if someone can help me that wuld be great THX. smile.gif

What do you mean by does not work. Error messages?
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