Ya... I'm a newbie. I fully admit it. I know lot's of windoze crap. But I know very little linux.

Just installed Mandrake 9.1 on my Presario 900 laptop (a feat in and of itself, from what I've read). Flawless installation (less one very minor glitch, and happening to know which video driver/network drivers to use). Amazed by the window managers. Impressed by the office programs. Can hardly wait to try out eclipse (www.eclipse.org) in its native environment. But...

I did something. The computer froze (ctrl+backspace, ctrl+alt+f1->f6, ctrl+alt+delete did nothing). Reset. Log back in. Everything seems to be find... except that the left and right arrows don't seem to be arrows anymore. Up and down work find (and the keyboard shortcut util still sees them as up and down arrows), but left is acting as a second f12 button, and right seems to be a page down button. Also, in the console, left arrow prints a tilde (~) character.

I've tried running loadkeys -d from my account using su, and directly from root, did nothing.

In single user mode, and in WinXp (dual-boot), the arrows work just fine... is there some configuration file I can default to?

I've been reading faq's and man's and tutorials, but the closest thing I can find is how to reverse delete and backspace, which although useful to know, is already taken care of in Mandrake, and doesn't seem to help my predicament.

Thanks in advance
William Underwood