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Full Version: Nvidia driver help?
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I am New to the whole Lenix thing
I am using a Kunbutu and I have a Nvidia Geforce 8 series card
I cannot find it when I look into Hardware Drivers Manager
I know I have a Nvidia card I found it through the Terminal
I have tried numerous things on the internet to get the driver installed
One of the problems I have is that the screen is too small... like a 600x 800
or something... and I have a better screen resolution than that I am sure
or can get a better one
This problem was not always present, the screen being small,
it was fine when I started up Kunbutu for the first time... but now Idk what happened
Did you follow the instructions on Nvidia's website ?
QUOTE (michaelk @ Oct 24 2008, 10:11 PM) *
Did you follow the instructions on Nvidia's website ?

Yes and when I do that it says "nvidia-installer: Error opening log file '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log' for writing (Permission denied); disabling logging.
Received signal SIGINT; aborting.
Try using sudo i.e.

sudo nvidia_installer_program (Use actual program name)
it says the program doesnt exist then
You are using the actual installer program versus what I had typed?
You can also try using the entire path.
I am using the program path I have typed...
I didnt copy and paste your reply... well it help to say I am using Kubuntu?
I also need to know how to run things as a root?
that might help my problem
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