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Full Version: Oh No! Please Help!
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I have a computer with a 120 gb harddrive and an external 60 gb harddrive. I wanted to install red hat linux 8 onto my external harddrive, thinking if anything goes wrong, i can just unplug it from computer and be fine. i started to install onto the external harddrive. i had 5 gb of free space, and red hat linux 8 partitioned it for me. everything was going fine, and i installed it and it said everything was done and installed. my mouse worked and i even tested screen color. when installing, i told it to default to windows xp with that grub thing. so when i went to try it out and install it, it said grub error. so i inserted the boot disk made right after installation and then restarted it. it worked (or so i htought). it asked what i wanted to boot into, linux devsd7. it said i could just hit enter. it started to load,and vmlinuz and stuff started going. but eventually it came to kernel panic = no init found. try passing init=option in kernel. what should i do? i cant boot at all into windows xp, cause if i take out the boot disk and unplug the external harddrive, i get the GRUB error. what can i do? did i ruin my computer somehow? please respond!!!
i'm not sure, there could be many possible problems.

Maybe you installed GRUB on your internal HD and it can't find the external one. You should have just created a boot disk, like me. Or...your Linux data is found after the 1024 cylinders of your HD, and GRUB can't find it anymore..

Possible solution? hmm... I don't know, I'm just a noob. hmm...maybe you can remove GRUB from your HD's MBR (was it called that?? i don't remember). how's it done? i have no idea.
I mightve installed GRUB internally. i was thinking maybe to put in disc 1 and run that like to install it. then when at the partitition section, i would just delete the partitions with the linux on it. then i would load windows xp and add the lost space to the rest of my external harddrive. but if i installed grub internal harddrive, would it still try to load? blah?!?!
Is your external hard drive USB? Booting to a USB drive may not be possible. Does you motherboard BIOS boot option include USB devices?

You restore the master boot record (MBR) by either using a Win98 emergency boot floppy disk and using the command:

fdisk /mbr

Or by booting from a XP or W2k install CD and running the command
it's a firewiere harddrive. but someone showed me this link to fix it. it apparently isnt that uncommon. bug 65207 . so i just need to figure out how to not boot to GRUB if thats the case, and into lilo. Could someone give me full details on how to do that? what do i type in? do i type it in right after i get the error? thanks for the responds!!!
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