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I have read and seems like there is nothing to change.
My sendmail is running but the problem is that i can't use mail sad.gif . I have configured iptables for TCP 25. So i think there shouldn't be firewall problem.

Another thing is i cannot ping my computer from itself. But from other computer, i can do ping.
So could u guys pls gimme any idea.

Thanks for ur help.......
what errors do you get?

do you have:

sendmail: ALL

in your /etc/hosts.allow
*** Warning: File `virtusertable.db' has modification time in the future (2003-05-11 18:19:29 > 2003-05-11 11:59:17.268746)
make: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete.

i have this message when i restart the sendmail service.
Is there anything to do with the installation process?

I have downloaded sendmail.8.12.9.tar.gz file and compile it in my machine

i have installed redhat 9.

couild u pls explain me in detail about that.
I have read ur old article in
but it doesn't work that way.

thanks so much......

i think outgoing mail is ok now...
but i still can't get incoming mail...
it's okie for incoming and outgoing mail for same domain ... for example and but for outside, i can only send ..and cannot receive from outside.
do u know where should i check?
Now everything is alright.

I just edit the file which has daemon_option( ' addr = MTA') ...and i comment it.
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