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Full Version: Accidentaly formated my JFS partition to NTFS.. can I recover files??
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Hello, First I appologise for my bad english, if there is any.. The problem started when my father bought a Epson Stylus DX8400 printer a few months ago.. I am no linux guru and i found it very dificult to make the printer work properly on my Xubuntu, it just worked black and white and sometimes under color with errors.. I didn't buder to make it work (im not shure if it is possible) because we printed on color or scanned on my father's laptop (windows) if we needed it... But last week my brother needed the scanner and my father was't home so I decided to install windows on a separate disk.. I planned to instal windows uE on a 80 G disk, it was late (really late) and he needed quik so I didn't take the precautions and i did't unplugg my ubuntu disk (also 80G).. Im not shure if it was my error or if it was the installation disk error but the fact is that when the installation was complete I was deceptioned to find out that Windows was installed in my Linux disk ..

The only important information in the disk was my mother files that where stered in the /home JFS partition at the end of the disk (the partition was about 70 G and the files less that 200 mb) and now im dasparate and I need to recover them .. When the disk was formatted under Windows uE installation it was done under a quik format mode that lasted less than one minute so I suppose that no ceros where written and thus the files should somehow still be there ..

Is there any way to recover any file?? Is there any application ider on Windows or linux that can do what I need??

If you can help me please, I realy need it.. or my mother will burn me alive or if im luky cause me a lot of pain by hunging me by the thumbs (or any other toruture) (Im talking seriously)
I would try the utility testdisk.
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