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Hi All,

I am trying to setup a Linux server and am totally bemused. I have loaded the linux base software and have that running so it will access the internet. It has the 2 network cards running fine and I can ping them without issues.

My ulimate goal is to allow the PC to operate as a gateway between the net and 2 or more PC's. I cannot seem to get the PC to act as a server and route any traffic through it.

Any Ideas??


(And I will warn anyone who replies with help, I am not used to Unix commands and totally new to Linux smile.gif) )
Can you describe the network as it currently is?

You'll basically need 2 NIC cards in the gateway box. One NIC goes out to the internet and the other connects to a hub.
Give the hub NIC an internal IP of for example and plug it into the hub. Then plus the other machines into the hub and set their gateway to

You should download and configure the IPTables firewall script ( and enable forwarding.

It's been awhile since I set this up but after this you should be good to go.
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