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Full Version: Strange problem with cron
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I've got a cron job that is behaving strangely. The crontab entry is:

* */6 * * * /root/blogmon/ 2>&1 >> /var/log/readfeeds.log

permissions on the .pl file are set to 755 and the script runs fine from the command line. When I update the crontab it waits until the proper 6 hour interval then runs the script, but then the cron log shows that it continues to run it once every minute for the next hour. As far as I can tell the script is running fine, and /var/log/readfeeds.log is empty. Anyone know what could cause this?


Duh. This was an MSO (machine smarter than operator) problem. I did not set a minute on the crontab line, so it did what I told it: Ran every minute of every sixth hour.
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