I am a total newbie in linux. I ve got a problem which
is very unusual. I have 3 compy's with 1 of them
running on linux, another with dual booting facility
of both linux and win'98s.e & 3rd. one only with
win'98 s.e.

i used samba in 2nd. & 3rd. m/c to interconnect all
machines. I have 2 big problems.

Problem 1> THE PROBLEM is From 2nd. machine i can only
c the 3rd.linux machine. I cant c m/c with win'98
installed. whereas from 3rd.linux machine, i can c all
the machines(including win'98 machine.) & from win'98
m/c also i can see all the machines. Whats the
problem? Why cant i c the windows m/c from 2nd m/c
with linux installed whereas the same thing is visible
from 3rd.machine? pls reply soon with remedy for this
problem. Remember i am a newbie, so try to make it as
simple as possible.

Problem 2> Also when i try to copy some data from any
machine to another one, it says access denied. O right
clicked on the folder and it has permission to
read-write access.


nisheet mehta.