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Full Version: How to remotely reboot multiple systems with a script or a command?
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Hello everyone, I just picked up linux and falling in love with the OS. Most of the time when I run into a wall, I do research on net to find my solutions. However, this one I'm stumped.
I have 25+ on Network and I have ssh access to central Fedora server from outside world. Every night I have to log in to all systems - except the server - to run a reboot command. This is because systems slows down due to high memory consumptions. Just a quick memory flush smile.gif I hoping there is a way to reboot all workstations by running a script or a command.

Would you nice folks give me some pointers? A place for me to start would be very helpful.

Thank you.

- struct
The long term answer is to determine what is slowing down your computers so that rebooting is not required. What processes are you running vs memory
and swap sizes?

The simplest would be to setup a cron job on each computer to reboot at a particular time. Setting up SSH on all of the computers with a private key would allow
passwordless logins. You could then run a script to reboot each computer via a ssh command.
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