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Full Version: Linux Distro's What To Try
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Hey everyone,

Right now I'm using Gentoo and it's awesome, I've used Ubuntu and it was awesome. I'm wondering if there are any new Distro's coming out or that are out that incorporate anything new or interesting.
I want to find an interesting Linux system. You know not something that it big name, Not that I'm not happy with Gentoo or Ubuntu but I'd like to try something new.

Any Ideas


hey man, Be happy with Ubuntu!!!
its really awesome with lots features..
lol the entire point of this post was to try and find something thats differenet, ubuntu is good but I'm looking for something that different
Have you checked distrowatch?
Ya, I've check that site. I'm not opposed to trying out the Distro's they mention my only point here was to try and poll the other users here. Maybe the've come accross interesting Distro's and what not
Well I haven't had time to play different distributions lately. Post back if you find anything interesting.
You could give some of the Slackware based distros a try.

Slackware 12
Arch. which has pacman or something, I haven't tried it but it's a different package system at least to toy with.

just my 2c
Ya, Actually I've tried Arch and it's really good, but it has some really odd quarks to it that I found to be very hard to solve around. Just little things but I would label them important, such as Video players and etc...
As for slackware, I've been thinking about giving it a go. I'm kind of at the point in my skill level that I want to try a distro that will teach me some new tricks not just rehash the old ones.
I know its more of a mainstream distro, but for the last few years, I've been keeping my eye on openSuse. They have been putting out some great releases. They only issues I come across is with their package manager. If only they'd switch from rpm to deb, it would be the distro out t here, because its well establish and polished.
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