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Full Version: Patching the kernel
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Hi to everyone at Linuxhelp, I am new in town and could do with a shove in the right direction.

Been learning about compiling the kernel. I haven't had any problem downloading the kernel whether it is the 2.6.23 or the and compiling and installing them.

I have tried patching to see how that works but so far nada. I downloaded, configured,compiled and installed the 2.6.23. And then proceeded to download the patches that follow from 1-14. After 14 it is the latest stable version of the kernel 2.6.24.

I moved and unpacked them to /usr/src/linux-2.6.23. I ran the following code to install the first of the patches #patch -p1 < patch- that seemed to install OK, so I proceeded with the next patch but had the following read out: Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n] . I haven't a clue why I received this and what I should do now? Is there anyone who can give me a little help on this?

Hi again, am I to understand that no one knows how to patch a kernel in any shape or form?

I think I patched a kernel once, to make it work with VMware. I'm afraid I am a failure as a "support specialist" though, because not only do I not compile my own kernels routinely, I don't even remember how :-(

Don't the patches come with instructions? I would be at a total loss if it were not for instructions...
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