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I am currently running Windows XP and would like to experiment with Ubuntu, but I dont have a slave drive to install it on.

Is there any way I can still run this and be able to keep my windows, Ive seen ways people have used an emulator before, but I am unsure how it works, or if it even still works.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

So you want to try Linux

There are few ways to do this. But first off you don't need a totally separate drive to install Linux if you drive is big enuff you can just reduce the space that windows takes up on the drive and squeeze linux in. The only prob with that is that there is a slight risk of you damaging your windows install if you mess up.

Your idea of using a emulator isn't quite correct you would need virtualisation (The difference is a emulator pretends to do things it doesn't do everything the real device does a virtual system would).
Its very heavy(takes up a lot of ram and CPU time and it would need a chunk of space in windows) and runs pretty slow. Company's like VMware have programs you create virtual systems with.

If its just trying your wanting try it with little or no commitment I would strongly suggest using a liveCD. It will boot from your CD drive and run from your CD drive leaving you harddisk untouched so if you dont like it you can just take the CD back out and your back to windows no problem.

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Cool, thanks. I will give this a shot.
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