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Full Version: LVM concerns
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Hello Everyone,
I am planning the deployment of a new server running RHEL4 u4. The server will have a 2 drive HW Raid1 volume (where i will be installing the OS) and then a 4 drive HW raid5 volume (for my data). I normally don't use logical volume manager but if it actually works as advertised, then it may be beneficial for me to setup the raid 5 volume as an lvm just in case i ever need to expand. I have 2 questions about this:
1) how easy / difficult is it to expand an LVM?
2) are their any backup / restore concerns for using an LVM? I usually use cpio for my linux backups and restores.

any input would help me....thanks in advance.
Volume Group is very easy to setup

We assume that you are using an external drive

Just identify the target disk to be included in the volume group and issue the commands below

# pvcreate /dev/TARGET_DRIVE

# vgcreate <vgname> /dev/TARGET_DRIVE

your Volume Group is now created. To diplay the created VG use the command below

# vgdisplay - this command will list all volume groups in your system

to create a filesystem, use the command below, first step is to create a logical volume then create a unix filesystem on the new logical volume then mount as file system. Below are the commands

# lvcreate -L <SIZE> -n <new_logical_volume_name> <Volume_Group_name>

# mkfs -t ext3 /dev/VGname/LVname

# mount -t ext3 <source> <target>

Good Luck!
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