Normally I don't post many questions on any help site but I am at the end of my rope. Currently, I'm running Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty on a Dell Inspiron b130 laptop with a broadcom 4318 chipset internal wireless card. As I've read left and right, this particular interface is notorious for not being well supported under Linux. It appears that I have tried every method that I have come across including using NDISwrapper and bcm43xx-fwcutter. In using the NDISwrapper approach, I followed the official instructions from the wiki on I obtained the pci id and found the driver files for it which were b44win.inf and bcm4sbxp.sys directly from the site. From there I blacklisted the native driver that does not include the firmware (bcm43xx) and restarted the machine. I then observed that the wireless icon in the network admin tool was not there which was as expected, therefore I could install the drivers using ndiswrapper. After that I typed

sudo ndiswrapper -i ~/Desktop/drivers/b44win.inf

the output of which was installing b44win

typed ndiswrapper -l

the output was b44win installed driver, hardware present, (alternate driver : b44)

after that I typed sudo ndiswrapper -m

and opened up etc/modules and appended ndiswrapper to the end of the file

I have also tried the same technique using another bcmwl5 which I've heard is another driver that will work.

Please, I am going nuts trying to get this to work, I need wireless access in my house and when on the go, and I am simply sick and tired of windows, my girlfriend keeps saying I should just reinstall windows, but I really don't want to do that because I am very interested in Linux and want to learn more. But everywhere I have turned for help on this subject yields no results. I know this is a commonly asked question and I have seen several posts of techniques that have worked for others so I know it's possible. I'm sure it's possible that I'm just overlooking something stupid but I'm totally lost....