Hi Everybody.

I'm a Linux extreme newbie. I crashed our Linux computer at the lab and now don't know how to get it to work again.
Here's what happened. I downloaded a program for use on our workstation and it needed the graphics driver updated to work properly.

Our system is an IBM Intellistation M Pro, running Redhat 9.0.
The video card is an NVIDIA Quadro FX 1000.

I went to the NVIDIA website, downloaded the newest Linux-32 driver and went to install it.

The driver wouldn't install because x-server was running. I went to the help forum and found a response telling me to edit the inittab file.

I then edited the inittabe file as follows: from id:5:initdefault: to id:3:initdefault: and restarted the computer

Then I installed the driver. Upon installation it asked if I wanted the program to autoconfig the X server.

I figured that was the best option since I didn't really know what I was doing. So then I rebooted and edited the inittab file back to its original id:5:initdefault: configuration.

Then I rebooted and the following error was reported:
"I cannot start the X server (Your graphical interface). It is likely that it is not set up correctly. Would you like to view the X server output to diagnose the problem?"

So I say yes and another screen pops up with errors flagged as follows:
(EE) NIVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA graphics device PCI:1:0:
(EE) NIVIDIA(0): Please see the COMMON PROBLEMS section in the README additional information.
(EE) NIVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA graphics device!
(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration

Fatal error:
no screens found

THen it asks if it would like me to run the X configuration program? I say yes,

It then tries to restart the X server again, to no avail.

I'm then back where I started. Can anyone tell me how I can get back to the old driver and/or remedy this X server problem?

Thanks a million!