I am a new Linux user. I have an AMD desktop with 256mb RAM and 30gb hdd in 3 partitions. First 10 gb is FAT32 with Win98 installed. second 10 gb is NTFS with Win2k server installed. Third 10 gb is a Linux partition that had SUSE Linux installed. The Linux worked fine, but I did not set up a boot manager and always booted off the CD.

I had to reinstall Win2K and it has stopped me booting into Linux. Previously I had to use root=/dev/hda7, but when I try to boot now it tells me that there is no HDA7 (HDA5 seems to be the last). I tried to reinstall with all boot options that I know, but I get the same failure - that the setup program cannot mount the root. I also have Red Hat 7.2 disks and they give me the same result.