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Full Version: Using ldappasswd and getting Invalid DN errors Please Help
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Hi all,

I'm trying to change a users ldap password using the ldappasswd command.. and the following is the result:

linuxdev:/# ldappasswd -D "cn=admin,dc=ittoolbox,dc=com" -W -x sonjasoderberg
Enter LDAP Password:
Result: Invalid syntax (21)
Additional info: Invalid DN

"cn=admin,dc=ittoolbox,dc=com" is the correct DN

sonjasoderberg being the user I'm attempting to change

I am entering the correct LDAP admin password.... any thoughts?
Well... have no fear, I solved my own problem. For future reference if anyone happens across this thread with the same issue, the user you are trying to change must also be a full DN:

ldappasswd -D "cn=admin,dc=ittoolbox,dc=com" -W -S -x "uid=sonjasoderberg,ou=People,dc=ittoolbox,dc=com"
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