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Full Version: Which Linux should I use for an Older Computer
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I want to install Linux (any kind) to an older computer which has 120MB of RAM, 1.53 GHz, and AMD Athlon 1800+. Please give me any sugestion which Linux should I use if I am only using it for basic functions.
well thx
well at that speed it's up to you. But I guess if you want my opion go with Debian, Slackware or Gentoo. All 3 are fast and can be made slip lined so you can save resources. Say off the ubnutu because right now it's a work horse and sucks up the computer. If you can wait go with Gentoo and then you'll have about the most speed you can get. To note anyother good Linux distro's I've tired Arch and it was great that could be a go ahead to.

The limit I would say you have is the ram so just use a nice sized swap and you'll be fine


As already stated your limiting factor is memory. The min for most distributions running a desktop display i.e. GUI is 128 - 192MB.
If by basic functions all you need is a terminal display then no worries. Check out for a list of distributions.
Thx!! I will check the ones that you suggested
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