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Full Version: Looking for TV Capture software!
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Hey Guys.

I have a Winfast TV2000 XP Capture card that works fine on my slackware 11 system.
even have lirc and etc working well.

I'm trying to find a app that will constantly take a image of the video source every 1/2 second and
save it to a directory so i can use a flash application to display it on a website. basically working
the same as web cam broadcast software you see common for windows.
I have noticed in apps like Gnome-meeting and amsn I can use my card as a video source so
I don't think it would be a prob to find/create a app to display my card in a web page. for
a security box i'm making.

Thanks for your ideas


I'm not sure if this answer is correct...well it's more of a tip really, I myself played with tv cards a while back, and I used MythTV to record tv programs and do all sorta nice things, I don't know but since it has so many features maybe it has a plugin that will allow you to do the same thing ?

Robert B
i have mythtv running to record from a security camera every night
In ubuntu (and most likely debian) there is a software package called simply 'webcam'. It has the ability to take snapshots at a pre-defined interval and upload them to an ftp server (or store it locally).
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