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Full Version: SELinux Core 6
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sad.gif Hello all

I have a few questions about SELinux in Fedora Core 6. I recently upgraded to core 6 from 3 and i am trying to figure out if i should enable the SELinux. Up till now i have been installing upgrades with SElinux Disabled, And it has NEVER been enabled on this system. The server runs a web , ftp , ircd , and samba server. All data for the samba server is located on HDB1 And HDD1.
I have looked in to SELinux and only understand a bit of it , to the point of it being more secure. I have looked at the options when enabling the SELinux and found that i have 2 options, Enforcing and Permissive. I am not real sure how enabling will effect the current file structure, IE: samba , web , and ftp privliges. So that is why i havent touched it, lol. The last thig i need is for web and samba to become not accesable due to enabling SELinux. Should i Let it go as is or should i enable?? and to what , Enforcing or Permissive?. Well any help would be great. the Main thing i need to do is learn more about SELinux and the benifets i guess.

Thanks again

If I remember it right with Permissive setting SElinux will only report things back to you but will NOT block any applications. So I guess if you want to learn about SElinux that would be the best way to start.

Also consider reading this before starting at all.

Robert B
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