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Full Version: Fedora Core 6 - httpd service wont start
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Hello, im a simi-n00b at linux but heres what I got. Im running Fedora Core 6 i368 on an Intel Pentium III, 800MHz box. Its has a 20gb HD and 512MB of SD ram. The intent was to run a webserver featuring MySQL, PHP and FTP. During installation I picked out which packages I needed and installed them.

On the first boot I when to the System > Admin > Server Settings menu ( in GNOME ) and and clicked services. Then tried to start the httpd service, after about ten minites of waiting I closed out, and restarted thinking since it was in the list to run on boot that would probably fix it. Well when fedora started back up it showed the [ failed ] next to it.

Im not sure whats wrong, as far as the FTP and MySQL they started fine, not sure if there really working the way I want but at least their running...

Anyway if anyone has some advise it would be appriciated.

Check the /var/log/http/info file for errors.
Thats information is not enough. We need to know what was the exact error.

try to start httpd from command prompt like this:

/etc/init.d/apache2 start


/etc/init.d/httpd start

Webserver can fail to start because of a number of reasons. Checkout the log files in

I have the same problem with my HTTPD (ver2) seems fine initially but after running updates to system apache just FAILS at boot and will not start manualy at all.. ? someone please HELP?!
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