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Full Version: I always have bad luck... when it comes to Linux
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I don't know exactly how, but faith has something for me.
Everytime I want to install linux, bad luck finds me.

All my unsuccesful encounters:

- MandrakeLinux 8 - failed because the computer had an ATI vga card not compatible.
- Fedora Core 5 - failed because sha1 checksum differed
- Fedora Core 6 - failed because it would crash at boot
- Red Hat 9 - failed because CDs were badly burn / corrupted
- MandrakeLinux 9 - failed due to video problems (desktop shows in 320x240 low res low sync rate and desktop is shown in 6 vertical clones on the monitor)
- MandrakeLinux 10 - failed runlevel 5, error with XFree
- SuSE 9.3 - crashes at hardware detection

I must be cursed or something sad.gifsad.gif
I would suggest..give a try to Ubuntu or OpenSuSE 10.1 or Knoppix Live case the live dvd works u can always install it onto your harddisk smile.gif
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