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Full Version: Installation help (firefox. ...I know, I know.)
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Ryan Cacophony
I know this may seem repetitive, but I havent seen a post that has remedied my problem.

I installed linux yesterday, partitioning the drive myself and all, I though I had made it pretty good, but I have found installing programs on linux....for like next to impossible.

There are firefox folders and icons and stuff everywhere, and I tried installing, but it just wont run or anything. Im a complete n00b, so I generally suck at using that terminal.

Im on firefox 1.5, and I would really like 2.0. Im currently logged on as root, and Im running the latest Mandriva distro ("mandriva one"? Im a bit confused on its exact name)

Please, any help at all?


Just wondering... Im a Windows vet ( I still have it on my hard drive for programs I just cant see liux matching up to any time too soon), and just want to know why there isnt just a simple like .exe installation? Wouldnt you figure "they" would have made something easy and universal by now?

Or is it a security issue?
There is no universal instllation system for Windows smile.gif - It just loooks like there is because all Windows instllations are more or less the same. For example, MS us eMSI, Nullsoft produce NSIS and firefox uses its own installation program.

The problem with Linux is that differnt distros do things differently and keep things in different palces. There is however no need to panic. First of all, uninstall the version of Firefox that came with Mandriva (you can do it using the control centre). Once you ahve done that, you should download the latest Firefox 2 release from the firefox website. Get the precompiled (binary) "tar.gz" for Linux ( is what you want)

Now, get root permissions somehow, (either login as root, or open a terminal and type "su -" followed by your root password). Go into "/opt" and create a folder claled firefox. Extract the contents of the tar.gz (its like a zip file) into the firefox directory and voila, firefox is installed. Now you just need to make sure that a) it has the right permissions (world-executable and readable, but not writable) and cool.gif create any shortcuts that you need (they should be made to the file)

You might need to install libstdc++6 - You can find the right package by typing that into the mandriva control centre software installer though.

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