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Full Version: Need Help with USB Print Servers
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Bruce Baumann
Hi, I'm a relatively new Linux user, and I'm having a problem with network printing using USB print servers. I use a dual-boot laptop (XP/Mandriva Linux 2007). I have two USB printers, each connected to its own USB print server. Printer A is an HP DeskJet 970Cxi connected via USB to a Netgear PS121 print server, which is hard-wired to my Netgear wireless router. Printer B is an HP Business Inkjet 1200, connected via USB to an IOGear USB print server (don't know the model number), and this print server is also hard-wired to my Netgear router.

Both printers work fine from my Windows XP system, but I cannot get them to work from Linux. I can successfully ping both print servers from Linux, so they're definitely viewable in my network. I can even check out their configurations in my browser by using their IP addresses.

While scouring the internet for help this past week, I came across a page that listed some utility to detect network print servers' supported protocols. Unfortunately right now I don't remember what that util was (something like netcat), but I do remember that both of my print servers reported that they support IPP on port 631, as well as LPD and some others that I don't recall (TCP/Socket port 9100?).

I'm using CUPS to try to access these printers, but I'm just not able to print, and I'm at a loss. I did manage to get about 1/8th of a page printed through the Netgear, but nothing through the IOGear. Before I upgraded to Mandriva 2007 I was using Mandriva 2006. I had somewhat similar problems then, and thought that by upgrading my problems might disappear. Actually it got worse. With Mandriva 2006 I was able to get a couple of full test pages printed through the IOGear, but when I tried to print a test page through the Netgear, my system would hang, and the only way I could recover (even after rebooting) was to reboot my entire network (cable modem, router and print servers). I have not been able to print, and I'm sure it's just something I haven't configured properly.

In my CUPS GUI config tool, I have quadruple-checked the IP addresses, IPP protocol, and port 631. The "IPP Path" setting for both print servers is "/" -- I'm not sure what this is, possibly the print spooler path? I don't know if having both IPP Paths set to "/" is part of the problem or not. My CUPS GUI is showing both printer connections as
"IPP: ipp://" and "IPP: ipp://" which seems consistent to me.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, or experience with these or similar print servers, I would certainly be glad to hear from you. Thank you for any help.
This might help
Bruce Baumann
Thanks -- that did solve the problem for both print servers! I had to configure them as LPD printers rather than IPP, but at least I can print to them.
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