Hello, I have successfully installed Red Hat based -AuroraLinux (Ansel) 1.0 for Sparc64 on my Sun E250 Server which has built in 10/100 ethernet I believe it is called Happy Meal and I can see that it is present when I do lspci

I can also find that the driver (sunhme) module is not present on startup by looking at lsmod but if I do modprobe sunhme and then lsmod again It shows up but says (unused) beside it

When I try ifconfig I only see the loopback info

When I attempt ifup eth or ifup eth0 it gives the message that no configuration info found and I did notice

Anyone familiar with the older versions of Red Hat should be able to help here because AuroraLinux is a port of Red Hat I think 7.x don't remember exactly which one.