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Full Version: 300Gb disk mounts as 31Gb
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I am a newb. I try and do everything in terminal but I usually forget the commands.

I recently bought a second 300Gb hard drive and installed it in my Debian Sarge Fileserver. I did mkfs.ext3 and then mounted the disk. I then added it to the fstab and restarted the machine.

The disk did not auto mount and once I manually mounted it, it comes up as a 31 Gb disk.

I checked CMOS....300Gb
I watched the boot sequence....300Gb
open KDisk Free.......31 Gb

I have tried fdisk but don't know what I am doing in there.

P.S I am now having fsck fail problems at boot.

wink.gif Well, it appears I have fixed this one myself.

While installing the disk, i checked the the back and moved the jumper pin from MA (master) to SL (slave). A simple thing that I have done on every hard drive I have installed to date.

After a long night of beating my head against a wall, I did what ever newb does, I went out to the bin, rummaged around and pulled out the instructions that come with the disk.

MA does stand for master but SL pin is to set the hard drive to a 32Gb slave. Leave the pin off and you get a 300Gb slave. Go figure. biggrin.gif
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